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    "Buying/selling a home can be stressful, but we were in the best hands with Sydnie!"

    Buying/selling a home can be stressful, but we were in the best hands with Sydnie. She whipped our house into shape so quickly and so beautifully (but at minimal cost) that it was tough to leave! In fact, we did not have to leave for awhile after the sale of our house because Sydnie negotiated a long rent-back from the buyers while we remodelled our new home.We also received multiple offers due to Sydnie’s pricing recommendations based upon her understanding of the Seattle market.
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    Jessica Rullman
    "Sydnie loves her job!"

    Sydnie is really knowledgeable about the real estate market and knows what it takes to help her clients win in Seattle’s competitive and fast-moving market. Her strength is in building relationships with the other realtor and other professionals in the home space. For example,she regularly went above and beyond to coordinate last-minute inspections and sewer scopes for us. And these were good inspectors. We’re working with an electrician now who keeps commenting on how thorough our inspector was. Sydnie loves her job and as such has a pretty packed schedule. We rarely had issues getting into see a house last minute, but sometimes it was with her assistant. This didn’t bother us, since we’d often go to homes multiple times when we were serious and could coordinate a visit with her then. The only thing we wished as first-time homebuyers was that we got more of her opinion on homes we were considering, especially at the beginning of the house hunt. Sydnie was helpful at pointing out flaws in a home, but also gives her clients the space to explore the home and come to their own conclusions. This is perfect for people who don’t want to feel pressured or prefer to make decisions among themselves, but if you’re looking for more guidance we recommend speaking up early (something we admittedly didn’t do, as we realized what we were looking for a bit late in the process). All in all, we’re really happy we were able to find a home in Seattle in less than two months. And we’re even happier knowing all the issues with the home thanks to the great inspector Sydnie was able to connect us with! It makes us feel really comfortable and excited to move forward with our home owner journey (versus completely overwhelmed).
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    Adria Saracino
    "We honestly feel like we couldn’t have done it without Sydnie!"

    My husband and I absolutely LOVED working with Sydnie and her entire team!! They really made us feel like part of the “family”. That’s a big statement as we were very tough clients!! We were in an unusual situation in that we had a very short time to find a very specific home that had to tick so many boxes.Icing on the cake…. we hadn’t narrowed down a neighborhood AND lived out of state. None of this phased Sydnie at all!! We would take turns flying in for whirlwind days of home tours, would text and email at all hours. Sydnie was always accommodating and in constant communication. After a couple changed minds, getting outbid, etc – we landed on a home! We honestly feel like we couldn’t have done it without sydnie! Best part – closing wasn’t the end of the relationship. She still serves as a fantastic resource and still communicates with us as if we’re her current clients! She’s amazing! If recommend her and would absolutely work with her again and again!
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    Tami Kazdal
    "It was our pleasure to work with Sydnie!"

    We were first time homebuyers, and were lucky enough to find Sydnie Taylor! From the start she sat us down and explained the entire process to us, listened to our ideals for our new home and helped us put that into context in todays market. Sydnie knows Seattle exceptionally well; her knowledge of the local market (Ballard for us)and climate was exceptional. Throughout the entire adventure she was honest, candid and most notably, wanted to find the home that was right for us, one that we could grow into with our family. When it came to presenting offers, again Sydnie excels. You will want her on your team when negotiations begin! Seriously! We’ve all ready recommended Sydnie to several of our friends; one couple now reside in their first dream home because of Sydnie’s efforts once again! It was a fantastic three months of working with Sydnie to find our home, and we both have to admit we miss seeing her on a regular basis!! It was our pleasure to work with Sydnie, and sincerely recommend you meet with her if you are looking to purchase a new home either now or in the future.
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    Rob H.
    " This kind of service you don't find anywhere!"

    Every day you are bombarded with the medias constant headlines reading, “ US Housing Market Crashes!”, or “ Foreclosure Rates at all time High so GOOD LUCK SELLING!” And of course, with every article comes every opinion…. My wife and I after many hours of contemplation decided it was time totake a risk and try and sell our town home to take advantage of the “low home prices.” Our neighbors townhouse had been sitting on the market for nearly 4 months with no offers and dropped in price nearly $35,000. We knew what we were up against trying to sell our town home in this market a week and a half before Christmas, and knew the only way to really beat the odds was to find the right realtor who understood how to make it happen. Once word gets out that you are interested in selling, (especially now a days) every friend you know comes knocking on your front door referring this person or that person. So needless to say we had our fair share of agent interviews. It’s not cheap to sell your house and you should have an agent that delivers what you are paying for, and in my opinion that is ABOVE EXCELLENT SERVICE. We must have heard the “speech” from nearly 20 agents and were convinced that none of them had the skills to make it happen. Even our neighbors realtor from Windermere with over 19 years in the Ballard/Seattle market could not close their deal. Lucky for us however, we stumbled upon an agent named Sydnie Taylor from Lake Realty. During the initial phone interview she mentioned that she partnered with an agent named Danny Adamson. We decided to give them a shot and WE ARE SO GLAD WE DID. Sydnie and Danny came to the house and we were given the royal treatment from their first breath. Once we heard how Lake Realty, Sydnie and Danny work to sell the property, we were sold. The thing that set them apart from the other agents was their realistic expectations and understanding of the importance of attention to detail. This detail was carried throughout everything they did. From the sign in the front, the MLS listing, photos, Brokers Open, Open Houses etc. to sitting by our side during final title signing, Sydnie and Danny never skipped a beat. Sydnie and Danny were able to sell our town home for $5,000 above asking price in 1 week 3 days. Did I mention the house was sold and our offer accepted by Christmas Day. Talk about beating the odds! Since it was the holidays we were in California and Sydnie and Danny handled all the inspections, negotiations, discussions etc and all we had to do is say yes or no and sign a few papers. Danny really went the extra mile even contacting us on Christmas Day to explain where we were at in the process so our holiday could be its best. THIS KIND OF SERVICE YOU DON”T FIND EVERYWHERE! Fast forward and now I am sitting in a beautiful home in Loyal Heights (which they negotiated about $52,000 below asking price with $4,000 closing costs) and completely in awe of what an amazing job our agents have done. Everyone I tell has asked for a card and anyone lucky enough to work with them should feel blessed.
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    Brent & Sarah Reilly
    " I can’t recommend Sydnie enough!"

    We met Sydnie as a referral from my father. Sydnie sold their home and helped them purchase their new home as well. I was absolutely blown away by her approach to selling homes. She was extremely professional, very understanding, and ultimately made a very hard, challenging time (moving with 3 young children),seamless and extremely easy. She was upfront, blunt and told me exactly what to expect, how things would go, and left literally no stone unturned. We were uneasy about some of the things she said, but in retrospect she was absolutely correct, and we ended up getting top dollar for our home. I give Sydnie and her team all that credit! When we went to purchase our new home, the market was terrible for buyers, not a lot of inventory but Sydnie guided us along the path, and she writes a solid, mean offer letter. I spoke to the sellers of our new home and they said Sydnie was extremely easy to work with, and wrote an amazing offer they couldn’t pass up. I thought it was a good offer but its nice to hear that the seller of our home (who is also a real estate agent) thought Sydnie was great to work with as well as writes great offers. I can’t recommend Sydnie enough! I credit her for getting us our dream home!
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    Dayne Cirrincione
    "Thank you Sydnie!"

    As a first-time homebuyer who has just signed the papers on our DREAM HOME, I freely admit that I was what you would call a "high-maintenance client." Fortunately, my husband and I had an agent in Sydnie Taylor who was able to handle all of our many questions with expertise, energy and efficiency.She sold my husband's townhouse in one week flat (a full-price offer!) and then searched tirelessly for our new home. Sydnie made herself available to us at all hours of the day and was very quick to respond to our requests and inquiries. In fact, she missed seeing her best friend give birth because she was negotiating a deal on our new house, which had two other offers at the time! Thanks to Sydnie's diligence, ability to build a compelling offer and establish a rapport with the selling agent, we were able to close the deal. We couldn't be happier and we could not recommend Sydnie Taylor more highly. Thank you Sydnie!!!
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    Pamela & Michael Boyd
    "Great experience and we have recommended her to all of our friends!"

    Sydnie was recommenced to my wife and me from trusted friends who also had a great experience. We went in thinking we knew a ton, but her and her colleague Danny walked us through the whole process and filled in the blanks of information we were missing or helped us understand something differently if we had it wrong.Honest, open, and non-judgmental about each house we looked at. They would help us weigh the pros and cons and always had some insight that we wouldn’t have thought of. When we found the house that we wanted, she came out with us during a downpour on a Sunday Evening to check it out and help us move quickly and make an offer. Great experience and we have recommended her to all of our friends and acquaintances who are in the market to buy or sell.
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    Blake Konrady
    "She is AWESOME!"

    Sydnie Taylor is a superb real estate agent. She is diligent, timely, aggressive, and reasonable. We bought our first home with Sydnie and she made the experience for us absolutely perfect. She is a total go-getter, has amazing intuition and insight, and represents her clients in the most professional and effectual means possible.Additionally, since house-hunting can be stressful and tedious, she always finds a way to make it entertaining and enjoyable. She is AWESOME and I make sure to recommend her to everyone I know who needs an agent. She will not disappoint you.
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    Jenny Wetzel
    "Would be happy to work with Sydnie again!"

    I've known Sydnie personally for years, and when it came time to purchase a home, she was the first person I called. Sydnie is an absolute professional and works hard for her clients. I appreciated her tenacity, her commitment to making sure we felt supported, and excellent understanding of the market.We boought our Green Lake home at a price we found fair and without having to use any escalator clauses. I would readily recommend her to anyone considering buying a home and would be happy to work with Sydnie again.
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    "We feel so grateful that we met you!"

    Without a doubt we will refer Sydnie to all friends and family. Thank you for professional guidance and friendly support during this process. Sydnie made this a seamless transition for our family. We feel so grateful that we met you. Thank you again for everything!

    Ryan & Stephanie
    "Great experience!"

    My wife and I bought our home from Sydnie... I wouldn't hesitate to wokr with her again. Working with Sydnie reminds you why it's a pleasure to work with good sales people. She listened. At the front end, Sydnie interviewed us to ensure homes she showed were in line with our gaols, needs, wants.She observed our reactions and adjusted so that homes number 8 and 9 were better fits than 6 and 7. She drove the process and kept us doing the things we needed to do to get a decision, but she never pushed. If she sensed hesitation, "Lots of other homes, let's move on." Finally, Sydnie did a great job structuring the deal so that we competed on terms rather than price. Winning a competitive offer without touching escalators is no small feat. Great experience!
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    "In the end, our home sold for $126,000 OVER asking!"

    I am a very busy mother of two babies under two years old and my husband and I just recently listed our 2008 home for sale with Sydnie and her (amazing!) team. My house didn’t need much work but they knew exactly where to put the focus for optimum results (fresh coat of paint, carpet, staging,even freshly planted flowers in my pots on a snow day!) I was too busy packing up the house and planning the move so didn’t have time or energy to decide on paint colors and carpet samples and getting quotes from reputable companies. Sydnie and her team took care of everything. A real, true full service experience. My home looked stunning and was able to compete with the new construction homes near by. In the end, our home sold for $126,000 OVER asking with multiple offers. 2 of my family members listed with Sydnie and had similar experiences and results.
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    Roline Renee
    "Sydnie is a miracle worker!"

    Sydnie is a miracle worker! She helped me find exactly what I was looking for in a challenging housing market. She was attentive, responsive, creative, knowledgeable and just fun during the entire process! I would highly recommend Sydnie for any of your real estate needs!

    Erika C Lowe
    "We couldn't be happier!"

    If you are thinking about selling yours, please her a call: We have known Sydnie Taylor for several years and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home. She represented us in the fall of 2011 when we purchased our dream home in Laurelhurst.This ended up being a difficult negotiation with several unforseen obstables. If it were not for Sydnie we likely would not have our home today! Her expertise, business-savvy, and persistence were crucial to our success! In addition, she was helpful and very available to us every step of the way! We couldn't be happier and would love to discuss our experience with anyone who is looking for an amazing real-estate agent!
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    Alison Hartvigson
    " Once everything settled, our home sold for 100K above list price!"

    Sydnie (and her partner Danny) did an absolutely fantastic job of selling our home and representing us on the purchase of our new home. Being a family with 3 kids we knew we needed some work done on our current home in order to get it ready to market. Sydnie had a project plan that went 7 days a week for about 3 dozen activities,coordinated all quotes and contractors and took on all the burdens for us so we could focus on moving our family into our new home. Once everything settled, our home sold for 100K above list price ~!! In a market of realtors offering a variety of percentages for their services, if you are looking for a realtor that will offer platinum service, her and Danny are worth every penny. I highly recommend Sydnie and Danny for representing your home sale and purchase
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    David B.
    "Honestly, Sydnie is the best possible agent you could possibly work with!"

    Honestly, Sydnie is the best possible agent you could possibly work with. Providence brought us together at a random open house and fate must have been smiling on us that day. We didn’t really know the first thing about buying a house, where to look, what to look for etc,and she was so incredibly patient with us and all our quirky requests. Seeing as we were first time buyers we were not at all easy to work with (I know I looked at over 100+ houses) but she stuck with us through it all. When we did find a house she made sure that all the bases were covered and even paid out of pocket for an extra asbestos test so that this mom with young kids could sleep at night. We’ve lived in our historic home four years now and I still email her with questions, referrals, etc. I highly recommend Sydnie to anyone that I hear is looking for a house in Seattle. And often when I hear of other people’s agents and what they’ve done I shack my head and sigh-knowing Sydnie would have done a better job. Not only does she know the market and how to get the job done but she’s also a blast to work with.
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    Bryant Rachel
    "Sydnie has helped me buy two houses in the past 8 years!"

    Sydnie has helped me buy two houses in the past 8 years. She is the person you want on your team in this competitive Seattle market. Sydnie is knowledgeable, efficient, responsive, a total go-getter and will tell it like it is. As a bonus, she’s super fun to be around!Not only is she a pro at writing winning offers in multiple bid situations, but she’s also extremely well-connected and is an invaluable resource once you’re in your new dream home that you beat our 5 other offers for (yes, this happened to me!). She can refer you to contractors, electricians, landscapers, painters, you name it. She also partners with the top mortgage lenders in Seattle who might just close your home in 8 days including a holiday (yes, also happened to me!). I have referred her to countless happy new homeowners and highly recommend Sydnie to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.
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    Pamela B.
    "I am thrilled with our decision to hire Sydnie!"

    From beginning and throughout the process, Sydnie provided stellar yet personal service, always with a smile, and even managed to find time to exchange "mom" stories over paperwork. While this entire process could have been daunting, we felt completely taken care of every step of the way.Without a doubt I am thrilled with our decision to hire Sydnie to sell our home.
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    The Brown Family
    "Sydnie excels at positioning her buyers well!"

    In today’s home buying market in Seattle, you need to get it right the first time. That’s exactly why Sydnie Taylor exceeded every expectation during the purchase of our home. She listened closely to what we wanted and never took us to look at or suggested something outside of our price range or desired neighborhoods.She knows a good house when she sees one and isn’t afraid to steer you away from the ones you should skip over. She is an outstanding communicator who responds promptly to messages and uses this strength to her (and your) benefit during negotiations. Sydnie is a stickler for details and writes flawless offers (she even offered to write multiple offers to put us on top of a multiple bid situation). In addition to all of this, she made excellent recommendations in regards to financing and continues to give us great leads as we remodel our home. We thought we asked her for the impossible (given our price range and desired neighborhood) and she found us an amazing home. If you are serious about buying a home in Seattle you know the good ones don’t last long (maybe a day or two) and you are likely to face multiple other offers. Sydnie excels at positioning her buyers well in these situations. To top it all off, she is hard working and a pleasure to work with!
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    Robin D.
    "She is a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her!"

    Sydnie Taylor is a top-shelf broker. We were in the fortunate position of listing our Laurelhurst home during an active time in the market and Sydnie provided informed and insightful guidance to maximize the value. From staging the furniture, to timing the listing, to evaluating the 7+ offers we received,she was a valued partner. The result was that our sale price far exceeded the asking price. Sydnie brings energy and excitement into everything she does. She is a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her.
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    Chuck Rullman
    "She is a master negotiator!"

    Sydnie is the best! She’s so much fun to work with; all of the real estate agent charm, none of the slime. Sydnie and her team are incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. When she helped us purchase our first home in 2012 we had no idea what we were doing. She took the time to answer all of our questions,guide us through the process, and not rush our decision. Years later, she offered to come back and walk through the house to help us choose the right remodelling projects to maximize our equity. In 2017, it was a no-brainer to work with her to sell the house. And what a fun and easy process that was. She has a fantastic network of sub-contractors who were both high quality and affordable. The entire process went very smoothly. When it came time to review offers, Sydnie helped us to navigate and negotiate our way to a better than expected sale price. She is a master negotiator. Tell her what you want, and she’ll make it happen!
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    Jacob Dubail
    "Sydnie made the process painless!"

    Sydnie was amazing throughout the entire process. She not only listed and sold our rental property, she went above & beyond. She managed the entire process of quickly flipping it so it was in beautiful condition and ready sell! She made strong recommendations on what areas to improve and was able to quickly get vendors in so our time and money was not wasted.She knew what proactive measures to take upfront that prevented us from losing profits after the inspection process. Sydnie made the process painless. We trusted her the entire way through and would trust her again anytime!
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    Debbie Antonio
    "Whenever we sell and look to buy again we will definitely reach out to Sydnie! "

    My husband and I are so thankful that Sydnie was referred to us. We were first time home buyers and she listened to what we were looking for and really helped us talk through all of our options in the midst of the crazy Seattle market. Ultimately we got our house for under the asking price and the sellers did some work based on the inspection,something that never happens these days! Even after we bought our home we have reached out to Sydnie multiple times for advice on contractors, remodel value, and a million other questions. Whenever we sell and look to buy again we will definitely reach out to Sydnie!
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    Lindsey Konrady
    " Let her find you a home! "

    Sydnie was amazing! She helped my wife and I find the perfect house for us in Seattle (no small feat in this market) and worked around our schedule as we traveled between Seattle and Los Angeles. Sydnie was patient with us no matter how many houses we looked at, and we never felt pressured.Let her find you a home!
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    Michael Harthorne
    " Her commitment to providing great customer service is appreciated!"

    Sydnie Taylor is the person you want representing you in this market. She is smart, she is thorough, and while she is incredibly busy, she makes you feel like you are the only person she is working for. Sydnie found us our perfect house in less than a week and saved me a ton of time and energy byscoping out houses for me ahead of time and whittling down the ones that looked great in pictures but were not homes that would really work for our family. Her commitment to providing great customer service is appreciated, her passion for what she does is impressive, her knowledge of the market and the industry is invaluable. Also, she is just really fun to work with. I recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to buy in Seattle.
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    Alisa G.
    "Sydnie is without a moment of hesitation the best agent we’ve ever worked with!"

    When we needed to sell our home, we knew that Sydnie was going to be our agent. Despite being our next door neighbor, she combines grace, smarts and just the right amount of “tiger”. Sydnie and her team managed the selling process and took an enormous weight off our shoulders.They managed issues big and small and help guide us through the tough process of deciding how much to renovate in our home before selling and how to price our home for the market. They listened and advised and the result exceeded our expectations (which were high) on all dimensions. We’ve bought and sold homes over 30 years and Sydnie is without a moment of hesitation the best agent we’ve ever worked with in two countries.
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    M. D. Obrien
    "I highly recommend you hire Sydnie!"

    Sydnie is by far the most personable, professional, dedicated and knowledgeable agent I have worked with during my 13 year real estate career. She has an impressive communication style and makes you feel like you are her only client. She will work hard for you on every aspect of the transaction.She helped me get top dollar for my house and assisted with staging, contractor contacts, and expert advice and negotiation. I highly recommend you hire Sydnie whether you are buying or selling.
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    Jannicke Tvedt
    " I have referred her to countless happy new homeowners!"

    Sydnie has helped me buy two houses in the past 8 years. She is the person you want on your team in this competitive Seattle market. Sydnie is knowledgeable, efficient, responsive, a total go-getter and will tell it like it is. As a bonus, she’s super fun to be around!Not only is she a pro at writing winning offers in multiple bid situations, but she’s also extremely well-connected and is an invaluable resource once you’re in your new dream home that you beat our 5 other offers for (yes, this happened to me!). She can refer you to contractors, electricians, landscapers, painters, you name it. She also partners with the top mortgage lenders in Seattle who might just close your home in 8 days including a holiday (yes, also happened to me!). I have referred her to countless happy new homeowners and highly recommend Sydnie to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.
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    Pamela Boyd
    "I appreciate all that you have done!"

    Just wanted to let you [Sydnie] know how much I appreciate all that you have done... You listened to our needs and wants and only directed us to the houses that would become our home. We never wasted our time looking at places that would not have worked. When the time came to put a bid on the house you were there each step of the way making it painless and easy.I never would have thought about all the things that we needed to do in order for our bid to be the one that was chosen. Your guidance made it possible for us to get our dream house. Thank you so much.
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    Tracy Grevious
    "We wish she had been our realtor when we bought our new house!"

    Sydnie knew exactly how to sell our house in the Green Lake area. We wanted someone from Lake & Co. who knew the market and could get us an offer to close in less than 2 months. Sydnie got the house staged, put up for sale with marketing/open houses, and received multiple offers above asking price in two weeks.We got a great price and a fast closing with no snags. The hot Seattle market was entirely new to us. Sydnie guided us through the fast-paced marketing and multiple offer process. Staging and prepping is one of Sydnie’s specialties. While our house was ready to go, we recommended her to a friend. He gave her his keys and moved out of state. She updated what was needed quickly and a low cost during the busy summer season. He was also very pleased with the sale. We had a bad experience with a realtor when buying a house before selling in Seattle. In comparison Sydnie provides an honest, focused, straight-up, responsive, guiding, proactive and energetic approach to real estate. We wish she had been our realtor when we bought our new house!
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    Debra Ketchell
    "We would happily recommend Sydnie!"

    We found Sydnie through a referral from a friend, and our experience could not have been better! We had been in contact with her for about a year as we considered putting our Seattle house on the market. She was very proactive and kept in touch over the year,and we all came to an agreement on when the timing was right to put our house up for sale. Sydnie represented us on both the sell and buy side, and we were in excellent hands every step of the way. Sydnie’s guidance and help in prepping our house for sale was invaluable. We are a busy family of five, so the thought of adding a big move to our already busy schedule was daunting. All of the people who Sydnie involved in the process were professional and super helpful – she is well connected and had the right team in place to get our house ready. We got our house on the market in a few short weeks and from there, Sydnie took over and ran an impressive sales process. We accepted an amazing offer that exceeded our expectations and much of that was due to Sydnie’s market knowledge and expertise. Sydnie will tell you she loves the negotiation and it is true! On the buy side, Sydnie was relentless as our advocate and representative. She helped us navigate a tough buy side market – Seattle is crazy right now!!! She had insightful feedback on things to look for, watch out for and consider across neighborhoods as well as specific houses. We looked at a lot of houses and finally found the one that was right for us. Sydnie helped us put together an aggressive offer to compete with the 6 other offers on the house. We ended up getting the house and were thrilled. And it’s important to note, Sydnie also didn’t rush the buying process to get the job done quickly – she discouraged us from purchasing homes she didn’t think were right for our family. She listened to and acted on our wish list and non-negotiables – Sydnie was always the first to say if she didn’t think a house fit the bill. In general, Sydnie is an excellent communicator and is ALWAYS available. She is ultra-responsive, has good answers for questions and is a flexible problem solver. I know she was representing other people at the same time but it never felt like it. It seemed like we her only client. Our experience with her was amazing and we plan on using her as our agent in any future house transactions. We would happily recommend Sydnie – she was an incredible advocate, partner and advisor!
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    Jamie H.

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